CESA is about to open You may see these display technologies
- May 29, 2018 -

On June 13-15, 2018, CES Asia Asia Consumer Electronics Show was held at the Shanghai International Expo Center. Although CES Asia is still just a 4-year-old youth fair this year, bringing the United States CES exhibition to the forefront has become an extremely important annual event in Asia that brings together scientific and technological trends and showcases innovative experiences.

I remember that at the CES 2018 show in the United States, the changes that we were concerned about in the television field were quite exciting. TV brand companies from China not only did not use the display technology and product functions in the exhibition space, but also did not fall in the wind with the international giants. Also outside the show, we made Las Vegas our home with a strong product.

And the upcoming CES Asia 2018 is bound to have a wonderful "fight". So what are the specific points worth watching? Today, we will take everyone with you first.


OLED TVs still maintained a high-speed growth trend in 2018. This description does not mean that the basic growth from 1 to 2, but can actually become mainstream market, posing a threat to the growth of traditional LCD TVs, because currently, OLED TVs Price barriers have already been broken, and the selection of OLED TVs under 10,000 yuan has been more than one or two.

According to some sources, as the major promoter of OLED TV technology, LG Display will also participate in this year's CES Asia, endorse its downstream partners, and bring more intuitive technical experience to consumers, which is indeed conducive to the recovery of the TV market lacking excitement. In addition to LG Display's continued contribution of technical highlights, LG Display’s active attitude to the stage is also worthy of praise.

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