Lansi Technology invested 90.47 million yuan to invest in Haoen Acoustics
- Jul 12, 2018 -

At noon on July 12, Lansi Technology announced that the company had subscribed for the newly added equity of Hao En Acoustics with a self-owned capital of RMB 9,04,711.6 million, of which 735.5294 million shares were included in the registered capital. The rest is included in the capital reserve.

After the completion of this capital increase, the registered capital of Haoen Acoustics increased from RMB 41.68 million to RMB 4,903,294,000, and Lansi Technology's shareholding ratio was 15%.

Haoen Acoustics has long been committed to the design, development, production and sales of electroacoustic products. The main products include miniature microphones, voice recognition modules, speakers/receivers, wired/wireless headphones and smart speakers. The company is in a leading position in the industry, and its business is in a fast-rising channel. In recent years, its operating performance has grown rapidly.

Lansi Technology said that the company is optimistic about the future development of acoustic components, and the two sides have good synergy value in the target market and potential customer development and service. This investment is conducive to giving full play to the company's superior customer resource advantages, as well as the talent, technology accumulation and product resources of Haoen Acoustics in the field of acoustics, and further improving the company's one-stop service capability and core competitiveness. The source of funds for the company's external investment is its own funds. The investment will not have a significant impact on the company's operations and financial status, and there are certain uncertainties in the future gains.