What causes the need to customize the LCD screen?
- Jun 02, 2018 -


Now many products will use lcd liquid crystal display module this product, it has many advantages that we can use. The LCD LCD screens that we often mentioned take advantage of this. Today we talk about what causes the need to customize the LCD screen?

First of all, we pick up the following why we need to customize the LCD screen, it is necessary to customize it?

Although the development trend of the product is personalized development, production, use. When we buy LCD screens, we may not find products that are completely consistent with our own parameters, materials, colors, shapes, and functions. The product customization service provided by LCD manufacturers will of course solve the above problems, but Shenzhen Pinyuan Electronics believes that if it is not non-customized, it can be replaced by LCD screens without custom LCD screens.

Because whether the LCD screen customization or other product customization are inevitable delivery time will be relatively longer than the average purchase, and LCD screen customization is also likely to encounter the problem of open mold, which requires additional costs. Of course, there will be some cases where we need to customize the LCD when we purchase it. Custom LCDs need to consider the following factors.

- Types of products sold by LCD manufacturers

The amount of LCD screens in sales not only reflects the R&D productivity of the manufacturer's products, but also is a manifestation of whether or not its products are well received in the market.

——Detailed planning of custom details, timely communication of production schedule

Before the custom production of the LCD screen, it is necessary to communicate with the manufacturer in detail about the details of customization and avoid midway modification. Timely communication to understand the progress of the manufacturers. LCD custom details.

- Custom LCD production cycle

The production cycle is mainly influenced by the manufacturer's R&D cycle and manufacturing cycle. Both aspects should be considered.