Accelerated Trend Toward Large-scale Automotive, Gaming, And Industrial Application Panels
- Jul 05, 2018 -

It is reported that as flat panel and terminal equipment manufacturers pay more attention to product gross profit, the trend of large-size LCD panels for automotive, gaming and industrial PC (IPC) applications is becoming more and more obvious.

 LCD display.jpg

Automotive and IPC panels over 6 inches but less than 9 inches were originally the core application for mid-size panels, but the recent shipment of 12.3-inch dashboard displays has also begun to grow, and the mainstream panel sizes for CID (Central Information Display) are also starting from the previous 7-8 inches increased to more than 10 inches. In addition, mainstream panels for rugged IPCs for transportation, industrial control and military applications have begun to increase from the previous 7 to 8 inches to 10.1 to 12.2 inches.

At the same time, panel makers are beginning to promote large-size panels from display/laptop applications to gaming because game industry panels require high refresh rates, high contrast, and high color saturation to produce higher Gross profit margin. For example, ASUS recently launched a 65-inch 4K gaming display for the high-end gaming sub-brand ROG (Republic of Gamers) launched in 2006.

Thanks to the development of artificial intelligence technology, the development of large-size display products that can provide face recognition technology for smart retail applications is in full swing.