Promotional Project Works, BOE Returns To TV Panel Leader
- Jun 30, 2018 -

Relevant data show that in May, the total number of TV panel shipments was 23.52 million, which grew by 9.1% on a monthly basis. This was mainly due to the fact that panel makers have used shipments of promotional items to increase shipments.

The BOE Promotion Project was effective. In May, TV panel shipments reached 4.774 million units, and the monthly growth rate was 19%. It regained the TV panel championship position and also refreshed the BOE TV panel shipment record. BOE adjusted the 8.5-generation line product portfolio to increase the proportion of 55-inch panel production, setting a new record of 590,000 units shipped next month. In order to go through 32 inventories of up to 600,000 units, BOE adopted the project price to complete the inventory, with 2.578 million shipments and a monthly growth of 30.2%.

In May, innolux reached 5.817 million TV panels and grew by 42.5% on a monthly basis. Shipments returned to second place. Inventories in Innolux were low in April, and the pressure on the main size of 39.5and 50was not small. In the same way, through project methods, the company successfully went to close 40% of the 39.5stock, and the shipment volume increased by 136%. Up to 1.37 million tablets.

LGD, Samsung, and other panel makers were affected by sluggish demand and shipments declined. LGD declined for two months in a row. The monthly decline rate of shipments in the mainstream size ranged from 43 to 65 was 9.4%, indirectly affecting only 3.643 million TV panel shipments in May, and 7% less than that in May. The largest recession among the six panel makers. In order to reduce the risk of 32 shipments, China Star Optoelectronics adjusted its product mix to increase its shipments by 43.9% and 49.9%, respectively, by 38.8% and 21.1%, but monthly shipments still declined by 3.1% to 324.1. Millions. Samsung started its annual repairs at its Korean factory in April, affecting production in April and May, resulting in low water levels for two consecutive months. However, shipments of 65 shipments returned to 400,000 shipments, which led to shipments of TV panels amounting to 3.15 million in May, a monthly increase of 2.8%. AUO's TV panel shipments reached 2.005 million in May, a month-on-month decline of 1.1%, mainly due to poor overall demand, and continued panel price cuts to inhibit customers' willingness to pull goods, with shipment sizes of 50and 55. The volume declined by 6.3% and 7.8%, respectively.

It is predicted that due to the 618 promotion period, the overall price of the machine will fall by more than 20% compared with the 315 period, which will help to stimulate sales of routes and reduce inventory. At the end of the second quarter, the TV panel price was approaching the cash cost. The brand also realized that there was limited room for the panel price to continue to fall. The expected stocking was expected and shipments of TV panels in June will continue to be shipped in May.