Samsung Will Launch New QLED TV
- Jul 07, 2018 -

According to the Korean news website "Digital Daily", Samsung Electronics will fully renovate QLED TV in 2019 and launch QDG (QD on Glass) based QLED TV.

 LCD display.png

According to the news, the full-scale retrofit will use glass instead of quantum dot reinforced film (QDEF) to produce light-guide plates for backlight modules; this new QDoG process will be more cost-competitive while reducing the thickness of TV products.

In addition, the new process will lead to major changes in the QDFF supply chain. At present, Samsung outsources the production of QDFF to Hansol Chemical. Before the production of light guide plates, QDFF will be further processed by MNtech and Glotec in Korea. After adopting the QDoG process, Samsung may purchase glass materials based on QDoG-based light guides from Asashi Glass and Corning. The new process will prompt Samsung to launch 8K QLED panels to further enhance its competitiveness in the high-end TV field.